The ProZero 7.5m RIB with its extra beam features more deck-space than its smaller sisters. This is an immensely spacious and capable vessel with the option for two engines for unmatched power and reliability. Its well-sized center console holds the navigation equipment and engine controls and the boat features optional shock mitigating helmsman seats. Thanks to the boat’s internal beam it features great storage space. The optional full-sized T-top offers protection from the elements, and the spacious 360° walk-around deck features the option to add extra seating’s and stretcher positions.

The boat is carefully designed and build for high-speed SAR, security and patrol missions in coastal and offshore waters. Good ride quality and ergonomics is key to enduring exhausting high-speed missions, and the ProZero Rib is designed to provide just that. With its non-stepped, variable deadrise deep V-bottom hull featuring good forward entry, a flared bow, wide chines and lifting strakes/spray rails, the hull provides a safe and reliable base for high-speed operations and will tackle even very agitated sea states.

Particular attention has been paid to crew comfort, shock mitigation and safety during high-speed SAR, Patrolling and boarding missions while enhancing mission-capability and preserving structural rigidity, integrity and strength. The deck layout is adjustable and can be transformed through optional cargo rails into mission-specific environments with shock mitigating seating arrangements, weapon mounts or extra cargo areas.

2020 | 5000-09-03
Length overall:
7.5 m
Beam overall:
2.85 m
20 persons
2 x Outboard petrol