The boat is specially designed for harbour and inland operations at low emissions and noise. The design of the forward ProZero cabin ensures a huge amount of daylight, this also improves the personal comfort. The forward cabin ensures amble working space on deck. The boat is significantly lighter than the market average which benefits fuel consumption and adds to the already proven seaworthiness.

The boat is made of a combination of glass- and carbon fibre as sandwich construction with PVC as core material. This core material acts as a natural buoyancy reserve material, due to its lightweight and zero water-absorption. Moreover, the sandwich construction avoids the use of internal stiffeners, increasing the usable internal space and offers a natural insulation capability, improving the comfort in the cabin and manned compartments.

The fender is constructed of closed cell polyethylene foam. Not deflating with solid core that cannot lose buoyancy or absorb water. Damage is strictly cosmetic keeping crew safe. Fender system absorbs major impacts and retains integrity and shape. The ProZero fenders profile gives substantially more interior room than a comparable RIB.

2022 | 5000-02-30
Length overall:
7.96 m
Beam overall:
2.84 m
Draft (full load):
0.7 m
1 x inboard diesel